What we do

At Bacillus Bioplastics, we believe that plastic can be a sustainable and circular material if it is made from renewable and biodegradable sources. That's why we use a proprietary technology that harnesses the power of bacteria to digest food waste and create PHA, a type of bioplastic that can be composted or recycled. 

Food waste is collected from restaurants in our local network.

2. COnvert it

After being sorted and treated, the food waste is turned into bioplastic by a chemical process.

3. Transform it

The bioplastic is then molded into numerous types of plastic goods.

Our process of making PHA is simple and efficient. We collect food waste from various sources, such as restaurants and supermarkets, and sort it according to its composition. We then feed the waste to different strains of bacteria, which have been specially selected and optimized for their ability to produce PHA. The bacteria convert the waste into PHA granules, which are stored inside their cells. We then extract the PHA granules from the bacteria and process them into pellets, which can be sold to manufacturers or used by us to make various plastic products.